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Service Delivery Broker Catalyst: The Next Generation of Services and Management

As part of Portugal Telecom’s solutions portfolio, SAPO has been providing Internet access and delivering content through a web portal ( for 15 years. Over time, services delivered over the web have become more and more demanding in terms of scale, time-to-market and monetization, therefore, SAPO always actively follows technologies or new approaches that can help it achieve its goals.


SOA adoption was a huge, but successful challenge that brought several requirements to light, one of them being the development of an ESB, now called Service Delivery Broker. SAPO Service Delivery Broker is a software platform that encompasses multiple elements:

  • Runtime – the engine that exchanges the messages between the client and the service. It provides cross-cutting features to the service enablers like: data model transformation, data transformation, routing, authentication, authorization, throttling, load balancing, policy enforcement point, binding and protocol bridging and so on.
  • Marketplaces – An application where third parties can buy access to service providers’ product offers in a SaaS model. An example is the access of oneAPI. Moreover, the Marketplace allows third parties to sell applications under the umbrella of the service provider or in their own infrastructure.
  • Service Delivery Broker Application – A web application that allows the management of the runtime, marketplace, services lifecycle, SLA and product lifecycle.

Since late last year, SAPO has been participating in TM Forum’s Service Delivery Framework (SDF) team with the same spirit that we embraced SOA, hence, in the past few months SAPO has aligned with all the work that the SDF team has delivered. 


By accepting the challenge of being part of a Catalyst project at Management World Americas 2010, SAPO’s strategy and work towards providing the platform to the world is getting a big boost. For SAPO, proving the concepts and advantages of the SDF is only the beginning; we are actively driving this Catalyst at Management World Americas 2010 to prove that SDF and our implementation can fit in any company that has more than 10 services to manage, and is the right approach for telcos to leverage in moving from a bit pipe to a Telco 2.0.


The Service Delivery Broker Catalyst is a cloud-hybrid solution that will be hosted on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform in order to support a cost-effective and scale multi-company (SaaS) scenario. Whether hosting services on premises or on the Cloud, Service Delivery Broker enables effective, automatic and standardized service delivery.


The SAPO demos will put in place the SDF Business Agreement (TMF 525) use cases:

  • Create reusable SDF Service with SMI so it can participate in an SDF enabled and managed service marketplace
  • Create new service definition and metadata from existing definitions and metadata of reusable service
  • Create policies for a new SDF service
  • Manage composed services by monitoring health and usage, taking into account the interdependencies in terms of SLA
  • Build new services with managed syndication.
  • Enable a service provider to supply its infrastructure to third parties in order for them to develop and sell new applications or services. The third parties share this revenue if it sells the application and for the service provider infrastructure usage by the application end client.
  • A third party provides an application that sends SMS through oneAPI SMS Service and it’s charged in real time from its mobile phone credit.
  • A third party provides an app that allows sending SMSs and the application user will be charged in real time from its mobile phone credit. The third party and the service provider will share the revenue of the sent SMSs.

To see this and many other Catalyst projects in action, click here to register for Management World Americas 2010 today.